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General meetings

Each year, the ADLPartner's management shares the Group's development with the shareholders at the General Meeting

How to take part
in our general meetings ?


Meetings are normally convened by the Management Board in the forms, and within the timeframes, provided for by legislation; the same applies to the prior communication of information to shareholders.

In accordance with legal provisions, the Management Board either sends or leaves at shareholders’ disposal the documents enabling the latter to express themselves in full knowledge of the facts


In order to attend, be represented at Meetings, or vote by correspondence, shareholders must have their shares registered in the registered share account kept by the company, or in the bearer share accounts held by the authorized intermediary at least two days prior to the Meeting.

Instead of attending Meetings in person, shareholders may either give a power of attorney to another shareholder, their spouse or any other person (physical person or legal entity) of their choice, or send a power of attorney without specifying the name of the proxy. In the latter case, the Chairman of the Meeting will only cast votes in favour of the draft resolutions presented or approved by the Management Board and/or the Supervisory Board and will vote against the adoption of any other draft resolutions; shareholders may also vote by correspondence. 


All shareholders have as many votes as shares which they own or represent, and which have voting rights attached. There are also double voting rights for shares registered for more than two years in the same holder's name.


General meeting of December 11, 2020 (in French only)

The General Meeting of December 11, 2010 will be held at 9:00 am at 15, rue Henri Rol-Tanguy - 93100 Montreuil. In the evolving context of the Codiv-19 epidemic and the fight against its spread, the management board of the company decided to hold the general meeting exceptionally behind closed doors without the physical presence of the shareholders.

The shareholders are invited to vote by post or to give a proxy without indicating a proxy or to any person of their choice, using the single form provided for this purpose.

You will find below all the preparatory documents.

  1. L'avis de réunion valant avis de convocation à l'Assemblée publié au Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires du 28 octobre 2020
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  2. L’avis publié dans le Journal d’Annonces Légales, Le Parisien du 20 novembre 2020
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  3. Le nombre total de droits de vote et nombre d’actions composant le capital social au 31 octobre 2020
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  4. La brochure de convocation à l’Assemblée Générale 
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  5. Le formulaire de demande d'envoi de documents  
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  6. Le formulaire de vote par correspondance 
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  7. Le rapport du directoire à l'Assemblée Générale 
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General meetings (in French only)