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ADLPerformance is a trademark of ADLPartner
a company listed on Euronext Paris


ADLPartner is a French Joint Stock Company (société anonyme) with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board. 
This organization supports shared responsibility between management and control.

Legal organisation chart as at 31/12/2019

(in % of capital)




The management bodies

ADLPartner is a French Joint Stock Company (société anonyme) with a Management Board and a Supervisory Board.


The supervisory board

The Supervisory Board was renewed for a six-year term by the Ordinary General Meeting on 16 June 2017. He has currently the nine following members: 

  • Mr Philippe Vigneron, chairman (*),
  • Mrs Robin Smith, vice-chairman (*) (**) (***),
  • Mr Xavier Bouton (*) (***),
  • Mrs Claire Brunel,
  • Mrs Caroline Desaegher (***),
  • Mr Dinesh Katiyar (***),
  • Mr Roland Massenet (*) (**) (***),
  • Mrs Isabelle Spitzbarth (**) (***),
  • Mr Marc Vigneron,
  • Mrs Isabelle Vigneron Laurioz.

Notes :
(*) Members of the Compensation Committee
(**) Members of the Audit Committee
(***) Independant members (as defined by « code de gouvernement d'entreprise MiddleNext pour les valeurs moyennes et petites »)


The management board

Bertrand LAURIOZ

Bertrand Laurioz

Chairman of the Management Board

Bertrand Laurioz graduated from École Polytechnique and Telecom Paristech and has a company director certificate from Sciences Po-IFA. He began his career with the Suez group, before moving to Sofrecom, Orange’s export subsidiary, in 1995 as Project Director then Head of Department. In 2001, Bertrand Laurioz joined Alcatel-Lucent, where he held various functional roles (risk analysis, business operations, Vice-President Country Operations) and operational positions (Operations Director France-Africa-Middle East, and VP Operations & Services France). He joined Hub One (ADP group) in December 2013 as Director of this telecoms operator.
Bertrand Laurioz was appointed by the Supervisory Board  on 23 April 2019. He will be taking on his position legally in July 2019 and operationally from early September 2019.


Olivier Riès

Managing Director - Member of the Management Board

With a Masters Degree in Management Sciences from the Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, Olivier Riès joined RadioTechnique in 1982 as head of cash management. In 1985, he went to work for TRT-TI as management controller. He has been with ADLPartner since 1987 and is currently Managing Director France and a Member of the Management Board.
The terms of office of its member of the Management Board were renewed for two years by the Meeting of the Supervisory Board on 16 June 2017.

Members of the executive board

Isabelle Monset

Isabelle Monset

Deputy Managing Director responsible for the Marketing Division

Isabelle Monset has a degree in Applied Foreign Languages for business and a Masters Degree in Information and Communication from the CELSA. She joined ADLPartner in 1986 and she now holds the position of Deputy Managing Director responsible for the Marketing Division..


Claude Charpin

Deputy Managing Director - Business Development

After graduating from Telecom Paris in 1990, Claude Charpin began his career as a Project Leader with Cap Gemini and then British Telecom from 1993. In 1996, he joined PWC Management Consultants, where he was Head of CRM & E-Business. In 2001, he became CRM Director at A.T. Kearney. In 2003, he switched to the Spir Communication Group, serving as Deputy CEO of Regicom in charge of the Operations and Commercial Divisions. He then became CRM & E-Business Partner at Kurt Salmon in 2008 before moving to e-TF1 in 2009 as Executive VP in charge of CRM, Online Gaming and New Business. He joined ADLPartner in 2012 as Business Development Director.


Emmanuel Gougeon

Deputy Managing Director - Finances

After graduating from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Paris, Emmanuel Gougeon began his career in 1994 with Banque Indosuez in South Africa then France, where he was a project leader on customer profitability and sales management systems for the global debt and exchange business. In 1999, he joined McKinsey, where he carried out numerous assignments on French, European and African markets in the Banking and Transport/Logistics sectors. He joined ADLPartner in 2008 and he now holds the position of Chief Financial Officer.


Marie-Laure Ricard

Directrice des Ressources Humaines

Marie-Laure Ricard est titulaire d'un DUT gestion entreprise et administration et a suivi une formation à l'IRPEC à Rennes. Elle débute sa carrière au contrôle de gestion du groupe Roullier en 1988 puis à partir de 1990, chez Prisma Média. En 2003, elle rejoint le groupe Axel Springer France comme Responsable du Contrôle de Gestion, avant d'être nommée en 2006, Responsable Administration, Finances et RH chez AG+J Jasmin. En 2008, elle rejoint Prisma Média sur le pôle TV puis en 2009 à la direction RH groupe jusqu’en 2016 où elle occupe le poste de Directrice Opérationnelle RH. Elle a rejoint ADLPartner fin 2017 en qualité de Directrice des Ressources Humaines.


Philippe Le Meau

Digital Business Development Director – Chief Executive Officer of ADLPDigital

With a masters in humanities and communication and a postgraduate DESS from CUEJ, Philippe Le Meau began his career in 1997 as a Multimedia Project Manager-Designer with Franklin Partners, before moving to BDDP Interactive (which later became TBWA Interactive) in August 1998. During seven years, he served as a Multimedia Project Manager, then Development Manager and Development Director. In January 2005, he was recruited by the Plan créatif group as Head of Development for Plan créatif Bees’net, its 100% digital agency, where he became Chief Operating Officer then CEO in 2010. In 2012, Plan créatif was bought out to create the agency BABEL and he was appointed Executive Vice President in charge of the Programs and Digital Division. In 2014, he joined ADLPartner as Chief Executive Officer of ADLPDigital

Governance principles

As regards governance, the Supervisory Board adopted the text of by-laws at its Meeting on 31 March 2006 and resolved to create two specialised committees, devoted respectively to audit and compensation.

It is hereby specified that the Supervisory Board has six independent members, i.e. from outside the management bodies of ADLPartner and the related families. 

The audit commitee

The audit committee has three independent members. 

Manager's compensation policy

The different conditions applied to the senior executives’ compensation are based on recommendations received from the specialist firm, Towers Perrin, and refer to the market conditions applying to companies carrying on their business in similar circumstances to those of ADLPartner.

Financial statement auditors

French member of Grant Thornton International

RSM France