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ADLPerformance is a trademark of ADLPartner
a company listed on Euronext Paris

Questions and answers

Answers to frequently asked questions

General meetings

When is the next General Meeting scheduled?

General Meetings are normally convened by the Management Board.

At least 35 days before the General Meeting date, except in specific cases, ADLPartner publishes a meeting notice in the French official gazette (Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires, BALO) in order to particularly notify its shareholders that a General Meeting is being organized.

The agenda and resolutions are indicated at the same time as the General Meeting's date, time and location at least 15 days before the Meeting is to be held in a convening notice published in the BALO and in a journal of legal notices.

Shareholders holding their shares in registered form are also informed of the holding of the General Meeting by mail.

The proposed date of the Annual General Meeting to approve the accounts generally appears on the "Agenda" section of this website.

Who may attend a General Meeting?

All shareholders, regardless of the number of shares he owns, have the right to participate in the General Meeting.


Shareholding options

What are the different options for holding shares?

You may choose between several options for holding your ADLPartner shares, whatever the number of shares held.

Bearer: your securities account is kept by the financial intermediary of your choice. This shareholding option enables you to group together all the securities from your portfolio within a single account, but does not normally allow ADLPartner to identify you. You are required to pay the custodial fees for your account.

Registered: your shares are recorded directly and exclusively with ADLPartner. There are two options for holding shares on a registered basis:

Administered registered: your shares continue to be recorded with your financial intermediary, which is responsible for their custody and management. This holding approach enables ADLPartner to identify you and establish direct and personalized contacts with you. However, you are required to cover the custodial fees for your account.

Pure registered: your shares are recorded and kept in your name in the books of the company, which delegates their management to Société Générale, which is your exclusive contact. You no longer pay any custodial fees.

What are the benefits of registered shareholding?

You will receive a named invitation to General Meetings, and you will directly and automatically receive all the paperwork necessary - either electronically or by mail depending on your preference.
You get a direct, personal contact with the company.
You benefit from double voting rights for each share held after two years (date to date).

What are the additional benefits of pure registered shareholding?

You are exempted from paying handling charges as well as certain day-to-day management fees.

To change from holding your shares on a bearer basis to a pure registered basis, simply fill out the following form (download the form) and ask the financial intermediary managing your “bearer” securities to transfer them to our securities unit: Société Générale Securities Services, Société Générale, 32, rue du Champ de Tir, 44300 Nantes, France.



How are dividends paid out?

Dividends are the share of company profits paid out to each shareholder in proportion to the number of shares they hold. They represent the return on capital invested by shareholders. The amount of annual dividend is submitted for approval by the General Meeting which reviews and approves the accounts for the past financial year.

When do you need to hold shares to be entitled to their dividends?

To be entitled to dividends, you simply need to hold shares on the ex-dividend date.


Group life

What documents are published enabling shareholders to keep informed about the group’s performances?

Shareholders have different publications that enable them to obtain information about the Group's life and results. These publications cover particularly press releases, the half-yearly financial report and the annual financial report (non exhaustive list). These documents are available on request from the company or can be found in the News section of this website.

The email alert service is available for anyone wishing to regularly receive the company's press releases.