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ADLPerformance is a trademark of ADLPartner
a company listed on Euronext Paris


ADLPartner's share capital is divided into 4,164,590 shares

The breakdown on December 31, 2019 was as follows :

shareholder 2019

Shareholder dashboard

Listing market: Euronext Paris (France)
ISIN: FR0000062978 – ALP
Number of shares: 4,164,590
Parent company net income: 5.523 k€
Proposed payout after deducting treasyry stock: 0 k€
Payout rate: 0 %
Proposed divident per share: € 0
Yield based on average share price for 2019: 0 %

Listing market: Euronext Paris (France)
ISIN: FR0000062978 – ALP
Share price :
   > 2019 average share price: € 15.02 
   > 2019 high: € 17.0
   > 2019 low : € 12.8
   > End of period: € 14.3
Market capitalization (at 31 Dec 2019):  € 59 553 637


Divident payment policy

ADLPartner enables its shareholders to benefit from its development. Nevertheless, considering the uncertainty linked to the current crisis with the Coronavirus pandemic, the Management Board will be submitting a proposal at the General Shareholders’ Meeting on 12 June 2020 to not pay out any dividends for 2019 in order to safeguard the Group’s financing capacity if the crisis was to continue. The Management Board reserves the option to exceptionally convene a General Meeting during the third quarter of 2020 to potentially decide on paying out an exceptional dividend.

dividend 2019