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ADLPerformance is a trademark of ADLPartner
a company listed on Euronext Paris


The ADLPartner Group is moving forward with a strategy to create value and capitalize on its marketing expertise in new developing markets with a view to further strengthening its potential for growth and profitability over the medium and long term.

Realignment of magazines business

In connection with its magazine subscription sales business, the Group has mapped out its commercial priorities for several years with a stronger focus on partnership-based open-ended subscriptions, creating more value than traditional subscriptions.

To support this offer's development, ADLPartner is continuously improving its marketing mixes. The innovations rolled out in the past few years are helping support the portfolio's lifespan and commercial returns, while further strengthening relations with partners.

Alongside this, ADLPartner is significantly scaling back its commercial investments in its fixed-term subscription offers and the books, merchandise, audio and video range. Considering there were no options available for the profitable development of these offerings, the Group has decided to plan to shut down its sales in 2020. This restructuring will enable the Group to further strengthen the sound foundations in place for the magazines business.


Development of marketing services business

Capitalizing on its 40 years of marketing engineering experience, combined with its highly innovative approach and data expertise, the Group is supporting the development of ADLPerformance, the BtoB commercial brand that unites together all the marketing services activities.

ADLPerformance covers all marketing techniques and offers BtoC brands a high added value consulting offer, coupled with a wide range of turnkey customer marketing solutions tailored to their needs. Its development enabled it to build its visibility alongside key account customers, with stronger listings across diverse markets.

ADLPerformance is positioning itself as a pivotal player for relational marketing with best-in-class cross-channel and digital marketing capabilities. Its development is helping support value creation for the Group on a growing market.


Investments in Assurances business

To further strengthen the foundations for its development, ADLPartner is focusing part of its actions on generating value through its know-how with new customers and products that have similar economic features to press subscriptions.

More specifically, this diversification strategy is helping drive the development of ADLP Assurances and is moving forward in synergy with the Group's established distance-selling expertise for recurrent services. This subsidiary, specialized in direct marketing insurance brokerage, has embarked on major commercial investments in the past years aiming to build up a portfolio of contracts that will generate future revenues.

The development of ADLP Assurances will enable the Group to further strengthen its potential for growth and profitability over the medium and long term.


Active external growth

The ADLPartner Group is moving forward with a strategy for self-financed, targeted acquisitions of small or mid-size companies that have promising prospects and strong market positions or proven technological expertise.



ADLPartner is adopting a selective approach for its loyalty markets internationally. Today, operations are concentrated primarily in Spain. ADLPartner Hispania, which also offers operations to build loyalty through magazine subscriptions based on partnerships, has focused for several years on developing a range of marketing services, particularly for customer loyalty and reward programs. Its attractive offers are enabling it to develop relations with its key partners.